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  1. Up&running today, installed without any issues. and is now up and running.. again thanks for your great work. Much appriciated
  2. Great work Zylla, If you ever down on the west coast, aka Palme Kysten Stavanger I will buy you a cold one.. again thanks bro.
  3. Looking forward to check it out Zylla, looks like the git repo is down atm. Uansett, i can wait ;)
  4. Thank you telot. I can always count on a good answer from you, :-) I will start the Build as soon as i have the parts at hand, and off course post a link if the monitoring is a success. Again thank you for the quick reply best regards Thetra
  5. Hi guy`s Just have a question some of you Gurus might be able to answer, I trying to set up a monitoring of a eagle nest here in Norway using my Go pro 3 with WiFi pack. the problem is that the signal is way to weak, So, i was wondering. is it possible to use the Alfa R36 as a Range extender/repeater to increase the signal. If so, have any of you a good way to make this a "Plug`n Play" setup. Also i see the power consumption on the Alfa R36 will give me a possibility to use solar panel power to keep it running. am i correct here? I would really appreciate all inputs and feedback to make this the best real time monitoring as possible, hope to hear from the forum best regards Thetra
  6. Try using APN=tmn > Username=tmn > Password=tmn or APN=internet > Username=tmn > Password=tmn i came across a post with people having a similar issue with TMN, hope this helps
  7. Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but have anyone tried this yet? and if posible, would this be doable through a module??
  8. Same here, Starts to enoy, Each time i see a chance at work to grab the new FW it`s offline,
  9. Could not agree more telot, A OSX Module would definatly take the Pineapple to the next level of userfriendlyness in theese Apple times. Thetra
  10. Hi webdirector I used the 12d1:1506 Worked as a charm, JUST be sure you are not on battery power I am currently using a bit overpower, At 12V 2A. and have done so successfully for as long as i had the Apple
  11. Well... TigerTeam TV series, One of the best i`ve seen, Only 4 episodes dough, But It is great.
  12. I own the Elite plug, And i absolutely love it, have only used it on two jobs, But it saves you time and also it gives you a good reason to pick up on the SE skills, I also have the PWNPHONE, Also one of my favorite gadgets,
  13. Oh Joy, Finally managed to get this to work on the Huawei E353, even dough it showed up as E398. I used the USB Mode_Switch for 12d1:1506, It runs smooth as silk, Thank you soo much guys for helping me sorting this out, By the way, Just so nobody does the same F"#ยค% i did the first 2 hours of trying, DO NOT USE BATTERY POWER before you get it up and running, Damn rookie mistake from my side . Also double and triple check the APN settings, Google is your friend
  14. Well.. Thanks guy this looks like it helped, but any ideas on wtf is going on with this, i have tried all of my carriers setting for 3g but no luck. at least my modem is found now but i have connection issues Jan 1 00:10:43 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: abort on (BUSY) Jan 1 00:10:43 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: abort on (NO CARRIER) Jan 1 00:10:43 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: abort on (ERROR) Jan 1 00:10:43 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: report (CONNECT) Jan 1 00:10:43 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: timeout set to 10 seconds Jan 1 00:10:43 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: send (AT&F^M) Jan 1 00:10:43 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: expect (OK) Jan 1 00:10:43 Pineapple user.notice root: 3G: firewall stopped Jan 1 00:10:53 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: alarm Jan 1 00:10:53 Pineapple local2.info chat[3364]: Failed Jan 1 00:10:53 Pineapple daemon.err pppd[3359]: Connect script failed
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