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Okay, I'm going to college for I.T. The mayors I'm interested in are Networking ( = Network Administration, maybe) , Computer Information Systems, Databases, and Computer and Information Sciences.

Also can you tell me what major should go for basic on the line below.

What I'm interested in is broadband equipment, laying down cable, lacing wire, installing and maintaining a server both in: Linux, Windows, BSD. I'm basically I want to work in the server room most of the time.

Also, if this major is in high demand to other I.T> majors. Last thing is what the average salary in what city. You can pick the cities put only the ones in United states.

Also, can you tell me what certification should I go for. My college takes IC3 certification for most of the I.T. course.

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It sounds like you are more interested in Network administration, then there are certifications that you will probuly need to get like A+, Net+, Cisco, ect.. a I.T job that is in high demand is for Computer security, which would go good with being a Network administrator this why you know how to secure your network better. If you practice breaking into your own network then you will understand better how other people will try to break into your network. A couple programming languages would probuly be good to learn, its a never ending learning process. :) hope that helps.

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I agree with 555, to get into a computer security field you need to have an understanding of how network works. Getting a CCNA certification, would be your starting point, from there I would move onto security. But first I would suggest getting some experience with networking, as 555 pointed out. Practicing and willing to learn new things, will get in the direction you want to go.

Good luck.

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I too am looking at starting a career in IT. I'm currently in school for information systems security. I have searched for job openings online for network security or IT security, however (and rather obviously) they all require experience and certifications on top of having a degree. I have 8 years of experience in a non-IT related field, which will more than likely do me no good :). I was wondering if anyone has advice on a good "starting" career that would provide experience for a future job in IT/Network Security, Pen-Testing, etc.


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