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  1. Set WinScriptHost = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WinScriptHost.Run Chr(34) & "C:\test1.bat" & Chr(34), 0 Set WinScriptHost = Nothing @echo off cls @echo off mkdir C:\1 Time /T >C:\1\1.txt DATE /T >C:\1\2.txt ipconfig /all >C:\1\3.txt TRACERT >C:\1\4.txt SYSTEMINFO >C:\1\5.txt TASKLIST >C:\1\6.txt Tree /F C:\ >C:\1\7.txt Time /T >C:\1\8.txt DATE /T >C:\1\9.txt copy C:\1\1.txt+C:\1\2.txt+C:\1\3.txt+C:\1\4.txt+C:\1\5.txt+C:\1\6.txt+C:\1\7.txt+C:\1\8.txt+C:\1\9.txt "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Dropbox\test10.txt" rd /S /Q C:\1 pause>nul So far what has been done.
  2. how can I make multiple .txt files into one in cmd ? @echo off cls @echo off Time /T >>1.txt DATE /T >>2.txt ipconfig /all >>3.txt TRACERT >>4.txt SYSTEMINFO >>5.txt TASKLIST >>6.txt Tree /F C:\ >>7.txt Time /T >>8.txt DATE /T >>9.txt pause>nul
  3. Okay, I'm going to college for I.T. The mayors I'm interested in are Networking ( = Network Administration, maybe) , Computer Information Systems, Databases, and Computer and Information Sciences. Also can you tell me what major should go for basic on the line below. What I'm interested in is broadband equipment, laying down cable, lacing wire, installing and maintaining a server both in: Linux, Windows, BSD. I'm basically I want to work in the server room most of the time. Also, if this major is in high demand to other I.T> majors. Last thing is what the average salary in what city. You can pick the cities put only the ones in United states. Also, can you tell me what certification should I go for. My college takes IC3 certification for most of the I.T. course.
  4. I may move this to Community Projects if needed, later or when it gets old.
  5. It gives me this "[#1026] You are not permitted to modify all or some of your profile information." My reply it my account. Don't take anything beyond this seriously. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, evil server must been interested in forums, and caused problems for me. To bad evil server didn't turn off the error report system of the forms; or did he just set up script to delete the logs for it after each error was reported. Take anything after this seriously. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Use is for laptops and desktops, that are lost or stolen. Run in windows, but planing for linux version. Windows first, because most thieve will pick window over linux or freebsd in duel boot mode. Should I have a limited account with no password or guest. Also, lock down default Administrator(save mode) or any other ones account with password. Some ideas I have,( tell me if something is wrong.) First, have prey running and not alert user. Second have a program put data in dropbox, and maybe email the data. The data will be ipconfig /all, SSID, asklist,tracert to a server(any ideas what server). Make it an exe file, that will run 10 min after start up, and every 5min after that. Also, use CACLS so it can not be stop, delete, hidden (maybe attrid for here), ( need help here). Third, setup ssh and VNC that will not kick user off or show a vnc is running. Fourth, have a key-logger that will port data to email or dropbox. (not sure what key-logger to install remotely by vnc when needed) Second and fourth will be installed by vnc or ssh, when needed. Maybe a option for GPS, but going to use that key-logger to get email, and other information form the user. Any ideas about this? Name any programs the will help.
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