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Reinstalling Webif

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Can someone give me a crash course on installing .ipk packages on the fon, it's been a while and I seem to forgot or something is differnt

I tried the ipkg install (filename).ipk deal but it's not installing in the fon

Please help..

Where's da ninja? :D

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You have to get the file on the Jasager first... then use the right path to it... Read your error messages... they are helpful.

Obviously you are using the wrong path or the file isnt uploaded to it where you think it is.

File is on the Jasager and in the main directory I used WinSCP to get it there. I'm new to OpenWRT so I have no idea really what the commands are or where this file should be to even get it where it is supposed to be to even begin the install prosses, I just thought the root dir would be a good place to start.

1) Where do I upload the file to?

2) What is the full command line to get it installed?

3) How exactly do ipk packages work?

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