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  1. Only thing it had on it was 125 in the center and a serial number and MAC address on the side. But other then that it was blank. I am sure it might have said something on the back of it, but didn't wanna mess with it. Yes, it is an access point. but the net it's self, WAS, firewalled, but this was an open access point, which is so wrong in my book, but maybe they find out the hard way
  2. so I am at my friends campus and I noticed this router there and it's blasting through 4 stories of concrete walls and 1/4 mile away and I was still picking it up. I'd like to know more about it. Who makes this? Is it open-wrt compatible?
  3. after I install webif, and go to I get a blank page... did I Miss something?
  4. After I install webif and try to open it with a browser under, I get asked for the openwrt pass, but then after I enter it hit enter I get redirected to a blank page, like there is literally nothing but a white screen. Did I Miss something?
  5. got webif installed now... but when I load on the browser it redirects to a blank page, now what did I miss?
  6. Agreed, I would love to learn all about it. Do you have any good reference sites?
  7. File is on the Jasager and in the main directory I used WinSCP to get it there. I'm new to OpenWRT so I have no idea really what the commands are or where this file should be to even get it where it is supposed to be to even begin the install prosses, I just thought the root dir would be a good place to start. 1) Where do I upload the file to? 2) What is the full command line to get it installed? 3) How exactly do ipk packages work?
  8. tried,.. got an error: opkg: webif_0.3-10_mips.ipk: No such file or dir An error returned value: 716563936
  9. Can someone give me a crash course on installing .ipk packages on the fon, it's been a while and I seem to forgot or something is differnt I tried the ipkg install (filename).ipk deal but it's not installing in the fon Please help.. Where's da ninja? :D
  10. Can someone be so kind is to tell me where to get the openwrt-atheros-2.6-root.squashfs and the openwrt-atheros-2.6-vmlinux.lzma files???? Please post links.. Thank you!
  11. Well,. not sure what happend but I got to the end of step 4 and this seems to may have bricked my router... I am not to pleased at this moment...
  12. got it,.. vi is installed in my verion,... Just a quick ?,.. I am doing all this wirelesly,.. am I supposed to be doing this wired or un-wired or dose it not matter?
  13. stuck here how do I edit the dhcp file?... what's the command for this? plz&Ty ;) lost...
  14. Hey everyone,.. Just figured I'd toss this out there and see if anyone is interested. I'm selling these for $350 each. Anyone need a bullet proof computer? (almost literally). I got about 8 left at the moment, but I am trying to get more. Battery life is approximately 3.5 hours. There all just about the same except some have cd burners and some don't. I'll fully install Back track for you, can't promise the touch screen may work after, but will work in a virtual machine under windows with bt in it, I know it will. However, if I find drivers I'll work it out for you. basically,.. what ever you wanna do with software just ask.. Kewl things I like: Well the toughbook part,.. you can use this outside in the rain up to 4" an hour per manufacture. Glow in the dark key board for that uber stealth night time outside stuff. the touch screen w/ stylus is pretty sweet too. AND! you have an optional port for a SECOND battery! you know any laptop that does that? I mean, it's pretty hard to kill this thing short of actually shooting it with something, lol... Ohh,.. there 8.3 lbs for shipping and no, shipping isn't included. This to big for flat rate box I think, got to double check on that tho. Here are more specs: Itronix Go Book 2 Specs
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