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So I am wanting to test my speeds accuratly. I have used sites like speedtest.net and tested several servers. I think these are inacurate of my speeds and i think my ISP has throttled my speeds. What is the best way to test this?

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You have to understand, the speed tests done online are also from sites who's speed themselves may vary. Speed can be hindered by a number of things, such as distance(not just hops), networks on which it hops through, hardware, servers connecting to and their network speed, file types/sizes, etc.

Yesterday I downloaded Medal of Honor from steam and was getting speeds up to 2.5MB/s. For an 8GB game, it took just over 2 hours to download everything. On a torrent, that might have taken days, depending on the number of seeds and their network speeds. The same can be said for the reverse. A 500mb file download from a single site might take an hour, as where on a torrent, it might take 10 minutes.

Here is something to know up front. All ISP's are throttling your bandwidth, and it doesn't have to be in real time. Most likely, they will just change your modems config to limit the in and out bound rates. A new Docsis 3 modem can get speeds up to 50Mbps down, sustained speeds. Your ISP however might not have bonded channels, which will revert to the slower Docsis 2.0 transport speeds. On top of that, they will further curtail your speeds in order to keep their networks up and running, because if everyone of their customers could run full throttle, well, it would damn near shut down the network. Most ISP's unless on a business or subscriber line, will cap your bandwidth via the cable modem config file. If you became a heavy nuisance on the network, they could however implement deep packet inspection and start dropping traffic, but more than likely to curtail file sharing and p2p protocols to help speed up bandwidth for other subscribers.

If you want to be able to monitor what they are doing, then you need two modems. One normal modem, and one hacked modem that you can use for analysis, where you put on your own firmware to lock out the ISP from making changes. This also gives you the ability to monitor more of what is going on with the bandwidth and what config files are trying to be sent to the modem. SBHacker has a lot more info on this than I even understand, so if you want to learn more check out their forums. I have yet to have time to tinker with my old linksys and have the parts for making my jTag cable, but never got around to it.

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