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Will Firefox 3.6 Extentions Work With Firefox 4?


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I have read a lot about the release of firefox 4 but am not sure if I upgrade to it, if my current plugins will still work with 4.. does anyone know? I use live http headers, firebug, tamperdata, bugmenot, no script, leetkey, user agent switcher, and better privacy.. oh and if you have any other good plugin suggestions that would be cool also.

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It has happened to me before, so basically what will happen is once you Firefox has been updated to 4.

Next time Firefox is started, it will advise you what extensions could not be loaded due to incompatibility.

And this is what I do, in order to keep using the extensions.

1) Don't upgrade the current version of Firefox and still use it with the extensions.

2) Download the latest version of Firefox, from the portable apps website and use it. You can still use both versions of Firefox, but only one instance at the time.

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I also think you should back up the profile and try the extensions.

My recommendation is keep both Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 4 on your computer, until you're sure. I'm doing this myself. If your hard drive has enough RAM for this, shouldn't be a problem.

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