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Time Square Video Hack? With A Iphone


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i know it fake but is it possable??? http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20044373-1.html

There was another thread with the same video. It is apparently fake, not to mention, why would these video screens be wireless? I would think thats a lot of wireless in one location to not only be interfering with other wifi devices, but also impractical for the distance/interference, etc.If they were, anyone could potentially jack into them.

I think they are more than likely hard wired to a network somewhere that plays back/loops the video for them. We had large 50 inch screens throughout our building at my old job that played different videos from a windows desktop machine which was quietly hidden away behind the wall. I know this because at some point during the night, the videos would always stop and you would end up with the desktop icons on the TV monitors and I could restart the video by clicking the playlist from the desktop. I imagine that they have something similar in place for these in Time Square, just a bunch of videos sitting on the network somewhere hooked to a windows machine or such.

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