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Not really, those are just math problems really :/

Everything is a maths problem in the end though. Is the goal to learn how to program by coding something or can you already code and just want to code something? If the first then pick something small that you can expand on, perhaps a reverse DNS scanner (it does reverse DNS lookups on an IP range).

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well, then you can try to contribute to an open source project;

should be simple, if you can think of something that you didn't like with a particular piece of software and make it better;

the problem would be that you'd need to understand other related code; but that all depends;

need suggestions of open source projects ?

any language preferred ?

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how about you code a small md5 has MySQl table which has its contents generated from words that are found from web pages on google. While searching google with dictionarys from different country's?

That would take a little while, then leave it going and you can chuck md5's at it and see if you any matches.

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Not a bad idea, but it would be reinventing the wheel :/ I'm trying to avoid reinventing the wheel. Thanks though.

Still looking for ideas.

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