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  1. One of the guys in charge of these services gave me some slides to pass around. He saw the post that I added here, and asked me to show you the slides. To answer a question before anyone thinks of asking it, the question being "So, why aren't these guys here in person to present/defend their project(s) ?", the answer is simply that they're too busing working on the stuff, and even though they're making their stuff known, you can all probably guess that the effort implied is considerable. And I'm just helping coz I don't have anything better to do at work. That, and I think they have a good a
  2. Hey Radau, Well, they're just starting; and I don't know about pentest requirements for businesses. That could be a requirement in the US. Their goal [and target] actually are the smaller businesses that don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on professional pentesting, If that law might get a go-ahead in the US, then it might help out their business. The guy in charge of business [of the service] actually described it to me like an alternative for smaller businesses, that don't have that kind of money like Google/Facebook, but rather somewhere in the range of a couple of thousand
  3. Perhaps it won't take off; who's to say ? And I said replica, not clone; clone is an exact duplicate, replica implies similarity not necessarily a duplicate. The idea is to create a replica by adding stuff that you want to see if it stands or cracks. Other information can be filled with Lorem Ipsum
  4. Hey, This is a bit of a spam, but hopefully some of you might find it useful. I have a friend who's launching 2 online services. 1) HackAServer - as you all know pentesting is done by specialized security companies, and cost a lot of money; the approach with this one is for lower budget (around 1000-5000$ for a pentest); the idea is that you configure a replica of your production server (or web application, or whatever) and that gets put into an arena where hackers/crackers hit it with everything they have; the first one to find a security hole or exploit, gets the bounty after filing a hac
  5. I like Eclipse for Java; it's very good. It's a bit slow on some systems, and that's why a lot of people don't like it. I use Vim for C/C++, PHP (especially over ssh), Python and other. Vim is a good alternative for Notepad/Notepad++ and it's also available on Linux, if you learn it's key shortcuts it's almost like swiss-knife of code; of course many IDEs are very good once you learn it's shortcuts.
  6. on the media server idea that soka80 added, you could make your own network radio stream (music, shows, etc), or even your sort of web-TV channel that continuously streams web-tv shows like Hak5; i personally like sometimes the idea of the old TV channels where you're spoon fed entertainment rather than going about and searching the web for it; or, you could loan some processing power to a grid (Folding@home for example), if you're gonna let it running; you have to balance that with how much it's gonna add to your electric bill; joining the Tor-network is interesting to loan some bandwidth t
  7. Are you interested in (cross) compiling an executable for Windows in Linux, or (port) compiling code from Windows to a Linux executable ? There is cross-compiling on Linux; the guys at VLC usually do this. You kinda have to google it for more details, since I don't know too much about this at the moment. On the VLC wiki there's this link : http://wiki.videolan.org/Win32Compile and something specific for Fedora13 : http://wiki.videolan.org/Win32CompileFedora13 For both cases (cross-compilation and porting) if the code was written in Visual C++, all's good if it's not too language specific.
  8. A while back I stumbled upon this guy's video blog about protecting laptops/computers from being stolen :
  9. I wonder how much of a performance increase did cleaning them up make :P
  10. write a kernel module that overrides some basic OS functionality, like opening/reading files; that usually puts any Linux OS into the ground
  11. http://geeks.thedailywh.at/2011/06/05/ipad-illusions-of-the-day/
  12. So as luck would have it, I've just had to implement a project related to this : I've used the Cinterion/Siemens MC35 (http://www.mobiledata.com.au/SiemensMC35.html); they're a bit old but they're still good; you can try other GSM terminals. You need to add a SIM card into it. You have to link it's serial console to a router's or PC serial console. First thing you have to do, is to send it a random message so that the device detects the baud rate you're trying to talk to it. It has autobauding so it will match your baud rate. Then you have to set the AT+CLIP=1 command so that the device giv
  13. Well, I would second Psychosis' recommendation for Portal 2. It's really awesome, and if you've played Portal (1), you have to have a bit of patience through the first levels, because you're thinking : man, this is Portal (1), it's kinda boring; but the game picks up really well after that. I guess they made that to make it reasonable for people that haven't yet played Portal (1). You could try to replay some older FPS games, for the fun and melancholy of it. Or you could try some older FPS games you missed. I found that I missed several cool FPS-es like Clive Barker's Undying, or Counter Str
  14. I would propose using an xxWRT (xxWRT means either OpenWRT or DD-WRT, or whatever) able router; technically, since it's Linux, you can add all sorts of software to it, including WOL (which it might already support), and you don't need to have another PC (which takes up some power to stay awake). As for the SMS part, I would find it simpler to use internet on your mobile telephone, host a webpage on your xxWRT router, which you access to turn on your system. However, if you really want to through SMS (Short Message Service), then I think there's 3 ways to do this: a) find a web service that c
  15. Well, there are 2 ways to go about doing a security cam: - getting an cheap/decent IP camera; but even so, you'd have to do a "power-over-ethernet" trick; in the sense that you'd have to put the power adapter through 2 unused wires of the ethernet cable; that way you can put the camera at whatever length you want; - if you have a tv-tuner or a capture card (a cheap/decent new one is about 20$ bucks) and use an analogic (surveillance) camera, you could end up cheaper at a better quality; and the coaxial cable can be long enough; it may be that you also have to stick a power cable near it
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