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A seriusly (as in truly real) messed up web site


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I'm sorry, but I had to point this out...


How can a networking company let there web site get in to such disarray, and who the fuck is paying for it if it hasn't been updated in 5 years?!

The most ammusing thing on the front page:

Emerging Technologies

Layer 3 switching using Network addresses rather than the usual Layer 2 MAC addresses.

Most amusing 'One Liner':

DOS Ports: Ports Used by hackers

What has to be absalutly retarded about this website, dispite it's intense levels of fugly and general Web 0.1 looks, the copywrite statment actualy says 2006! So not only is some one still paying the bill for it, they know it actualy still exsists and have the forsight to update the copyright statment every year!

This is prety random, but it should entertian some of you for a short time at least ;)

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I'm wondering if this was done as a school project or something? Has all the hall marks of the british education system, out of date info, bad design, that creeping feeling you've missed a joke somewhere...

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