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Makes sence, at you you didn't become a citizen becasue you wanted to move to america :P

I lived there for two and a half years but, it was for work. At the moment I spilt my time 50/50 so I’m still out there for a large chunk of the year for work related things.

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You would never move there would you? America is even worse then England for computer related laws.

I don’t know, I have thought about it. I am thinking about moving out of the UK next year, as the laws and government are becoming to restrictive, at the moment it’s a tossup between Germany, South Korea and The US, I have a few job offers so I’m not sure where I will move.

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Not considering Sweden Metatron?

I haven’t been looking for a job, so what I’ve been offered is from companies I have worked for as a consultant in the past.

I haven’t really thought about Sweden as I’ve never been there, but I’m happy moving to any developed country, if the laws suit my particular way of living.

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