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on one vista laptop F-Secure detected a strange connection and asked if I want to allow it.

Program was in C:\ProgramFile\ApplicationUpdater.exe

It tried to connect

Is it just some badly named app updater or virus?

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Have you recently installed any programs? If not it could indicate, that you may have some spyware or virus installed on your computer.

Download avast5 and set it to do a pre-boot scan, restart your machine and if it finds anything it will display an option to delete the infected file. Once you computer is fully clean, I would recommend updating your computer with latest updates.

Edit: If you are not sure, the file is legit or not, you can upload it to www.virustotal.com. This website will tell you, if the file is a virus or not.

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I would say block those sites in your hosts file. They may have been embedded into an iframe on one of the sites you visit or you just got hit with some other form of malware as well.

4 websites use this address. (examples: flv.com mybrowserbar.com spigot.com spigot.ro)

- http://whois.domaintools.com/

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