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Hdtv Hacking ...


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wonder what we can dig up about this seems interesting ...

shouldnt be too difficult to dig out make model etc :D

*panasonic & samsung*

they have not released a proof of concept and are waiting for the company to patch the firmware

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See I've always had my doubts on the technology, I had a feeling a day like that would come. We all know that technology offers a lot of wonders, makes our day to day lives easier. But there are certainly things we really need to look out for, especially when connecting devices to a network or to the internet.

If I were to connect things like a TV or BlueRay player to the internet, I would at least segment my network, or make a separate network specifically for connecting devices like TV, Xbox and etc.

So that way, if a hacker manages to compromise my TV, the second part of my network would remain isolated from any attacks.

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