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Upgraded To Backtrack R2 Wifi Problem


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yesterday i upgraded my backtrack 4 final to backtrack 4 r2. my wifi on my laptop has never worked with backtrack its the broadcom driver that isn't supported. but i had a usb dongle (not sure what the drivers are. i bought it on ebay from china for 2 buck and i was amazing that it worked out of the box with backtrack/linux, but i could never get it to work with windows. after the upgrade i am no longer able to use the usb dongle. now im sure i have to get the drivers manually but im really not even sure how to check that kind of drivers it needs or how to install them. now i noticed that you can install windows wireless drivers on backtrack but from what i read the broadcom driver do not support injection. so until i scrap enough money together to get a new on how do i go about fixing my usb dongle?

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Also, when using previous BT, use the dmesg after plugging it in to find out what driver it loads or idetifies it as, then you can try to see if the driver is already installed in R2 by issuing the modprobe with the driver id/name.

ex: modprobe rt73 if you use a ralink rt73 enabled card.

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How did you upgrade?

A fresh install or R1-->R2?

I remember doing an upgrade once from the BT final--->R1 and my

wireless whas broken to.

I would suggest trying a fresh install.

Boot the livecd and see if it get's detected then!

If so...well you know the prob ;D


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Broadcom cards that use the b43 chipset and drivers work with injection, but the rest of them don't support it.



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