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Hacked A Router, Seems Like An Access Point Of Some Sort


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Okay so i was out eating at a restaurant when i for fun started trying standard passwords for a router and i acctually get in to it. When i get in i see several iphone's and laptops are connected to the router, several of those being my friends machines that i know live far enough away that they wouldnt be connected to it. So i call one of my friends and tell him what i found and he tells me his iphone is only connected to the mobile internet 3G so is it possible i somehow got in to a access point for the 3G network ?

Oh and i just tried adding the information from that router as an APN and I'll be damned it acctually worked.

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Well, doesn't the iPhone also use wifi? Could it be possible someone has created a rouge access point to honeypot on unsuspecting devices, similar to the pineapple, but with a greater antenna range or via repeaters?

Also, the access point that had connected devices may just have had used the same names as your friend uses for his devices. How can you prove the names aren't just coincidence? The only way to really tell is by knowing your friends MAC address and comparing it to the connected devices on said router in question.

Just trying to think of logical explanations to what you have found.

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Yeah I try to find out what is your friends mac address and then I would log onto that router again and see if his mac address is listed in there.

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Both my friends phone name and MAC address is listed on the router and i also checked his phone and the connection information was the standard that comes with the phone and that just makes me more curious.

Are you able to get to the router configuration page at all? That's one you could find out if the router has support for 3G connection.

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