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Hamster & Ferret

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So I setup my pineapple successfully (as far as I can tell)

People can connect to my pineapple and browse the web. I see their IP address appear in the Jasager web interface as well as the interface within hamster.

The problem I am having is that I only receive 1-3 packets, and the rest is databases (around 4000 or so)

Doesn't this seem kind of backwards?

Anyone have a clue to why this would be?

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Can I just say congratulations on getting it working. It is so nice to have someone come on with a working system for a change!


Haha not hard once you follow the tutorial that stickied

Some of the stuff was added after having issues. Like adding the bridge of interfaces on the Fon. The guide is pretty robust now.

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See for everything there is a manual instruction, all you have to do is follow it.

There is nothing difficult in it, unless you are too lazy to read or just want to be spoon-fed.

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