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Wells Fargo commercial


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Now when you say Hak.5 theme, do you mean the one Ashley Witt did for us that's be used since episode 4, or the RJD2 song we used prior to having our own theme?

I believe the one by Ashley Witt, which I downloaded just a few days ago. The Wells Fargo jingle sounds so similar. Much like the beginning of the Ashley Witt song. (I think Hak.5 used more of the end of that song, which has a faster tempo or stronger beat.)

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Ok here we go.

The song sounds similar because it either IS just a few riffs of, or is made to sound like, Ghostwriter by RJD2. Their song has been licensed in a few other commercials as well. I remember seeing an NBA promo with "our theme".

Well, thing is, it was never our theme. We totally used it without permission from the author, and thats why if this damn Season One DVD ever gets out the door you'll notice we've remastered episodes 1-3 with legit music.

So yeah, we were pirates, shame on us. But we also had fewer then 30,000 viewers then so it was still kinda underground.

Anyway, once things picked up and we knew that we had two choices, go legit with the tunes or face the legal consequences later on, we hooked up with Ashley Witt and got a theme done in a similar tune. Ash did a wonderful job of capturing the original flavor of that tune, while adding his own musical genius. In the end our theme song has gone through a beautiful transformation that you will all get to hear on August 5th come season two, and hopefully one day the music pirating days of hak5 will be a distant memory.

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