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I'm currently working on a small project for my American Government class (it beats writing an essay any day). The basis is that I am to design a website that would list elected representatives native to that particular state, county, and city.

My original intent was to simply dump all of the data into a SQL database and pull it into different pages. However, I'm not currently sure if there's a script available that would allow me to do something similar to this.

Essentially: I would have a dropdown list, and once a selection is made it will automatically take you to the respected page and display all data related to that particular location or selection.

Any thoughts/tips/tricks/ideas? It would be greatly appreciated.



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You can look at DaDaBIK (which is a front end for a MySQL DB). I haven't played much with it to see if it will allow you pick something from a combo box. yet.

Another approach would be to write your own website.

Something to think about:

- if you are familiar with C#, you can write it using Visual Studio (ASP.NET)

- If you are familiar with Java, you can write a Java applet

- You can also write a page in a PHP that would refresh as soon as you will choose something from a combo box.


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PHP would be a good choice for this project, you can find a lot of PHP scripts available for download on the net. As well as there are heaps of documentation, tutorials on how to program in PHP.

I personally find a lot easier to write dynamic web applications in php than any other language.

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