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  1. Hey guys, So, earlier I've asked a question about mod_rewrite to get rid of the annoying port number from the url. Sparda recommended that I should switch my router configuration to forward port 80 to port 80 of my web server. I did just that. Later I have discovered that with mod_proxy I can tunnel all of my other web applications from other web servers through my main web server. So, I've set up something like this: ProxyRequests Off ProxyPreserveHost On SSLProxyEngine On # These work just fine. I just have to put a '/' at the end of my url ProxyPass /blah http://localhost/blah ProxyPassReverse /blah http://localhost/blah ProxyPass /blah2 http://other_server:1234/app ProxyPassReverse /blah2 http://other_server:1234/app # Displays page's source code as opposed to rendering the page ProxyPass /ssl https://other_server:8080/app2 ProxyPassReverse /ssl https://other_server:8080/app2 # Changes URL in my browser to http://www.google.com ProxyPass /external http://google.com ProxyPassReverse /external http://google.com Here are some problems that I'm experiencing and cannot find an answer to: 1) Why do I have to put a trailing / at the end of my url? (e.g. http://mydomain.com/blah/'>http://mydomain.com/blah/ as opposed to http://mydomain.com/blah) 2) When I try to access http://mydomain.com/ssl/, I get to the requested page, but I see its source as opposed to the rendered site. (Just noticed that it works fine in IE, but not on Chrome ) 3) When I try to access http://mydomain.com/external/, my URL changes to http://google.com. How come? I thought that I'm tunneling it through my web server. Also, somewhat related question... How can I setup an http proxy such that I could access a web page on my web server, pass in the url of the web site I want to visit and have that web site displayed on my computer (which is behind a corporate proxy)? P.S. I'm running an apache2 web server on Ubuntu. Thanks for the help. dimaj
  2. Got it! Thanks for the help! dimaj
  3. True... I guess that's the best solution. Can I still rewrite the url from domain.com/app to app.domain.com? Thanks! dimaj
  4. Thanks for your replies guys! I'm actually inclined to agree with Sparda right now since I have a router between my web server and the internet. Basically, in order for me to make it work, my router will have to be running apache or Nginx and rewriting rules there or just setup a port forwarding for port 80 instead of port 1234. Does that sound correct?
  5. Thanks for the fast reply! Mod_rewrite can rewrite any part of the url, or at least that's my understanding from reading this: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/misc/rewriteguide.html As far as DNS concerned, I have the following setup: A-record: mydomainname.com <my external ip address> WebHop: blog.mydomainname.com mydomainname.com:1234/blog and a whole bunch of CNAME records. To tell you the truth, I'm not that knowledgeable of DNS as a whole. What exactly will an A-Record help me accomplish? EDIT: Web server that I'm trying to access, hosts several applications: forum, wiki, blog, etc. So, I can access those different apps by using the following format: http://mydomain.com:1234/appName and I want to change it http://appName.mydomain.com EDIT 2: As I just found out, WebHop is some sort of an A record. Thanks again. dimaj
  6. Hey guys! I've got a question for you about using mod_rewrite with apache2 A router that forwards port 1234 to port 80 on an internal IP. I have setup a web redirect (via dyndns) to forward subdomain.domain.com to domain.com:1234/subdomain. Every time I navigate to subdomain.domain.com, it automatically changes my url (in the browser) to domain.com:1234/subodmain which looks very ugly and unprofessional. I was wondering if I could user mod_rewrite to forcefully overwrite the url to subdomain.domain.com at all times. Any help is appreciated. dimaj
  7. Use the CD for one purpose only.... To get the manual. Pretty much everyone started to place a soft copy of the manual on the driver cd...
  8. I would assume that if you will create an autorun file that will execute a batch file, you're job is done... This might not work since U3 sticks are partitioned into 2 partitions: CD-ROM, which "unlocks" your data partition... Still worth a shot though. dimaj
  9. I'm running Moto Droid with CM6.0 and p3designs kernel. What other ROMs have you tried? which did you like the most? dimaj
  10. Hey guys! Thanks for your replies. well... I guess the naming conventions is hard to test for. However, you can still test if a function or a variable starts with an upper case or a lower case letter. I guess, I'm looking for something like this: Codestyle Checker... I'll see if I can read that code and maybe change it up a bit to work with JScript. Thanks! dimaj
  11. You can look at DaDaBIK (which is a front end for a MySQL DB). I haven't played much with it to see if it will allow you pick something from a combo box. yet. Another approach would be to write your own website. Something to think about: - if you are familiar with C#, you can write it using Visual Studio (ASP.NET) - If you are familiar with Java, you can write a Java applet - You can also write a page in a PHP that would refresh as soon as you will choose something from a combo box. dimaj
  12. dimaj

    Vm Server

    There's also an option of VMWare Server. You'll have a huge overhead of your host OS though. The beauty of Server is that: a) it's free B) it's running as a service on your machine (aka, you can set it up to start specific VMs on Host boot) c) it has a decent web management interface It's ok if you have a beefy machine and you are not looking to run a lot of VMs. If you are trying to run a lot of VMs that take a lot of RAM, I'd go with ESXi like 3TeK suggested. dimaj
  13. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone know of a quick way to check if a code file conform with some coding guidelines. Those guidelines will include: - variable and method naming style - function length (column-wise and row-wise) - spacing for indentation For example, if I have a function that is name: myfirstfunction, style checker would give an error because proper name should be MyFirstFunction. If I indented my code 5 spaces, it would give me an error because indentation should be 4 spaces, etc. Any ideas are welcomed :) Thanks. dimaj
  14. Hey guys! I have a huge problem which I desperately need help with... Me, being as stupid as I am, never backed up my HDD, which is encrypted with GuardianEdge. (It's my work computer). Last night I though it would be a great idea to install Ubuntu 10.04 on SDHC card, so that I could plug it in into any computer and get my linux environment. What I didn't realize is that during installation my MBR got overwritten and grub was installed. This morning, I came to work (all happy that I have linux on SD card) and was greeted with a happy grub prompt. At that point, I thought it would be a good idea to restore my NTLDR. So, I ran ms-sys -m /dev/sda from Ubuntu LiveCD. After reboot I was greeted with even happier message "Error loading operating system." I suspect that my MBR was also encrypted and after MBR has been overwritten, I can no longer decrypt my main partition for booting purposes. So, here comes the question... is there any way to recover some data from that hard drive? I've worked for 3 weeks on a project (no backups and not checked in) and I really don't want to do it over again. Any help and ideas are appreciated. dimaj
  15. Anytime man! look at Hitachi... They have a line of automotive HDDs which are supposedly handle vibrations better. I have an AVIC-Z2 Navi that has a Hitachi HDD and haven't had any problems with it yet. It's been 3 years... Cheers! dimaj
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