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Hi guys

Im new here and im loviing what ive seen so far.

Im not sure if this is in the rite forum but ill ask anyway. I watched an episode where a home VM server was setup using Linux and i was wondering if you are able to use Windows Server 2003/2008 VMs using this method aswell. I am asking this beacause i am a Networking Student in the UK and one of our projects this year is to setup a virtualization server and have it deliver Windows Server 2003/2008 VMs. We have tried using citrix but we found out that we need XenApp to do this and we dont have the money for that, and we also looked into setting up an Ubuntu Cloud. So if we are able to deliver Windows Server VM's using the same method as in the show i will be forever gratful to you guys and support you 100%



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Sure. VMWare ESXi will run Windows Server with no problems. I have about 6-7 at work that are setup with ESXi and 10 that are setup with Xen. You just have to make sure your cpu supports virtualization and is a 64-bit to run the Windows Server on it.

pretty much my Xen box is

Centos 5.5 w/Cloudmin (easy for managing the VMs) and then Cloudmin installs Xen and run from the xen kernel. Pretty easy one you get the hang of it.

ESXi is probably your easiest bet though.

gl hf and don't get frustrated if it doesn't work the first or second..or tenth time :-D

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You should be able to set it up just fine. Just make sure the machine you are using for hosting the VMs has plenty of RAM and a Quad Core CPU to make things run smooth.

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There's also an option of VMWare Server.

You'll have a huge overhead of your host OS though. The beauty of Server is that:

a) it's free

B) it's running as a service on your machine (aka, you can set it up to start specific VMs on Host boot)

c) it has a decent web management interface

It's ok if you have a beefy machine and you are not looking to run a lot of VMs. If you are trying to run a lot of VMs that take a lot of RAM, I'd go with ESXi like 3TeK suggested.


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