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Does anyone know if there is a way to get DynDNS to work on a private IP address. I'm setting up a surveillance camera that I would like to access from anywhere. I'm using the guide at : http://www.dyndnscommunity.com/questions/1...my-home-network

It says as long as I have a 10.X.X.X WAN address on my router it won't work. I talked to my ISP and they said it would cost extra per month, but they could do it. I'd rather not give them any more money, since they suck ass, and since our HOA has them, I am stuck with the ISP till I can convince 70 people to switch. It's not too important that I can see it from outside my network, but it would be nice.

I think I explained this poorly, My ISP is setup with a bunch of switches, so there is a problem with how DynDNS works I guess. Both my router and IP camera have DynDNS setup on them, with separate host names. It seems I always post my questions when I'm really tired, and I tend to ramble, and lose focus. so, yea.

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That should not be a problem for you I've used DynDNS in the past with different classes and range of ip addresses. How are you setting up DynDNS on your system? With a client software, or manually on the router itself?

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In order to access the camera from "anywhere" assuming the internet, you need a route-able IP aka external IP. You have to setup proper forwarding to the private IP:Port of the camera to have that work.

Think of it like a remote desktop behind a router. For me i use DynDNS to access my router where the port of my connection is forwarded (via static IP address) to my UltraVNC server on my PC

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You can either get an internet routable IP address. Alternatively you could figure out how to get the camera to upload it's images to a web server and rent the cheapest web server server possible.

Which will be cheaper? Don't know.

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