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now this is cool.


Pocket Pentesting

Running on a well balanced mix of open source hardware and network security testing software, NeoPwn has been a long awaited pocket penetration testing platform. This is the first ever network auditing distribution for a mobile phone.

The NeoPwn uses the base platform of the Openmoko Neo Freerunner, which offers USB WLAN support, a GPS Modem, a GPRS Modem for cellular connectivity, and an CSR based Bluetooth module. The USB hostmode will also allow for a range of other devices and peripherials.

Neopwn runs on an optimized FULL custom Debian operating system that boots off of a microSD card with a custom Linux kernel, with a vast support range for module drivers, allowing the network security tester the ability to perform various network penetration auditing tasks that are normally carried out on a notebook or desktop workstation.

We offer complete hardware setups as well as a standalone customized operating system (with custom driver module and kernel support). We can also deliver custom features and support options upon request for hardware or software that isn't standard with our systems.

Proof of Concept

There have been other commercial grade pocket penetration testing platforms in the past, however they lacked the ability of wireless packet injection and open source programming. These devices also carry a hefty pricetag for their limited abilities in comparison. The NeoPwn's penetration software collection is based off of very popular open source pentesting applications and is proven to be a powerful discreet network auditing tool for the penetration tester.

You will have the ability to discretely arm yourself with a device that will fit in a pocket to test various aspects of your client's network - going places where being promiscuous and undetected is essential.


We have gone great lengths in making the NeoPwn user friendly when it comes to performing many of the necessary tasks in automating system controls and penetration tests. The NeoPwn offers much in the way of automation with several dialogs, along with a well structured point and click navigation menu to ease the automation of device control, and many common attack vectors.

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Nice, I was just looking for something this.

Now did you mean this dons't have packet injection or that unlike most commercial applications this does?


Nvm, it will not do packet injection UNLESS you attach a usb adapter thats capable.

The down side, now usa distribuator and it cost over $400 USD

299 euros = 419.9156 US dollars

It's also not out for public consumption yet. Well the phone is, just not this OS.

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I dont know about openmoko, but this Injection is totally possible on the n900, it just depends how far you are willing to go to get it. <_<

..there are neopwn beta images floating about much to the dismay of the dev team who seem to have 'indefinitely postponed' the release, ive heard guys who worked on it say that it may never surface. :(

Tbh there are plenty of tools available for the n900 without using the neopwn release.

at the moment you can install a custom kernel (kernel power) that includes whats needed to go into monitor mode, and there are packages like kismet with its weak wep attack and the aircrackng thats based on works but its all passive sniffing (for me atleast) Grimwepa has an optimised n900 package too but wpa supplicant is hard to come by and again no injection. I hear that certain missing parts of the n900 optimised grimwepa release (WPA Supplicant) might be floating about, see the maemo talk forum for more.

metasplioit is fairly easy to get running too, there are guides about but ive yet to try personally.

Any n900 users found a way to get packet injection up and running without using the neopwn beta (or any other non-free)?

You cant even pay to get in on the paid ($25 i think) neopwn beta anymore cos they stopped accepting the donations for it.

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