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Ubuntu To Win7 Home Networking


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hiya i have a ubuntu 10.04 laptop and a win7 home premium desktop . I can not access any file it just keeps asking me to log in even tho i put the correct password in. have tried playing with the group policy but as it win7 home i can`nt view or change just wondering if any one else has had the problem and got any ideas.

Cheers julian

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Yea need microsoft for gaming can`nt get 3d to work in virtual box other wise i would . my fsix year son loves wipping me at halo. No it is only from ubutnu to windows the other way is fine.


Sounds like 1, windows might need to set its sharing up differently, make sure all thr proper services are on and you enabled home networking, not public, or it could block file sharing. Also, make sire uBuntu is updated on the SMB side of things. To test, open one of your VM's and try logging into them from ubuntu to the vm. If it works there, then you might need to look at the other windows machines settings. If it doesnt work, then ubuntu probably isnt configured properly. Vista and 7 are also a bit funky and locked down a lot more than XP was, so might need to lower security settings in some manner on the windows station to get it to work.

The other alternative, is to push files from windows to linux or download them to windows from the linux side if thats what you are trying to do, since its only working in 1 direction for you.

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