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Maxing Bittorrent Speeds (There going slow)


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Hey well im unhappy with the bittorrent download speeds im getting. On a standard download from a website i max out my 250kb download speed but on bittorrent even with a decent ammount of seeders and peers i get 60kb download speed if im lucky. This sucks. Im using a router and adsl.

Download Speed : 2.5Mbps

Upload Speed : 241.2 Kbps

Ive got DMZ on my router running for this computers local ip address since its the only computer on the network and its hardware firewall off and im also running windows sp1 without any security programs (heh i dont care about security so i dont want a lecture and im a hardcore gamer. Every Frame per seconds a prisoner :> )

So anyone got any ideas how i could improve my download speeds ?

Like could some of you gurus give me settings i should apply on my bittorrent program (azureus atm but ill change if one of you guys recommends a better client) like max upload slots and max download slots etc...

Or any other advice you could give me like stuff i could do in windows to improve my bittorrent speeds.

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uhhh yeah your just asking for a spanking there.

well utorrent is good. and dude it also depends what speeds your peers/seeds are giving out.

but stil roffles my woffles that u run sp1 with no security progs...

j00 gonna get pwnd one day haa

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Stop what you doing.

Now disable your DMZ that you have created on your router. You don't need it.

Download and run uTorrent, in the set up process it will generate a port number for it to work on. This port number will be very high, most likely greater than 30,000. This is good, you should never use the defualt bittorrent ports.

Forward this port to your computer running uTorrent. If your router is running a DHCP server then you need to give your computer a static IP, by going into the connection properties. This will stop the IP change probably when you turn the machine off for a while.

Now still in the preferces you need to go to the bittorrent tab and you will see something at the bottom that is to do with the bittorrent encryption protocal. You need to turn that on to enabled.

You should now see your torrents speed sky rocket.

Also, get some security software, at least service pack 2, you might be some l33t gamer but if you find your FPS goes down, which is doubt, then you need to turn your graphic down. Most professional gamers run with all the prettyness turned off because you play better that way.

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