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Really 'simple' Question Regarding Ubuntu ?


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i've added a smb network share to the places menu ... only i've changed the workgroup of the server and the link is now invalid ...


1. how do i remove the bookmark ?


2. edit the bookmark so i can add the correct work group ?

there should be some kind of right click option imo.

^^^ i figured this out just open nautilus with the places side bar visible right click and there's a remove option

any ideas ?

cheers in advance


VVV any help with this would be cool tho.


is there an easy method for browsing network shares via nautilus without having to type the IP/server name and share into the location bar ? ... i keep getting timedout or ubuntu just says no :(

i have spent a considerable amount of time googling this but have still found no solution ?? its very frustraiting.

im sure my smb.conf is set correctly ... and im also positive my firewalls are setup properly as i can access both my linux shares from windows

but ubuntu to ubuntu shares are not working (via browsing in nautilus) :(

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