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  1. my buddy and I used to run some cs:source servers at thewac.net . Long ago it was great, and I had this idea to do a ducttape mmorpg with the source engine. Ducttape meaning, use Counter-Strike:source or Team Fortress 2 as the game and add RPG elements to it.
  2. If you have to ask, you probably want to buy a built machine. Otherwise I'd say start reading now so that when you buy the parts, you are mixing and matching technology properly. CPU, memory, chipsets, they all have a shit ton of details. If you want help picking parts, PM me with a price range, I'll throw together your best value for your dollar. resources: tomshardware anandtech cpu magazine pc gamer magazine cpubenchmark.net google this place.
  3. I play online for the challenge of a human mind. Though it is entertaining to beat AI on "insane" difficulty. Story is always good, but player interaction is key. When I was younger I loved to play and pwn, but now I just like playing with friends, people I know or people I get along with online. Its great meeting people too.
  4. Oh man, back in high school they used novell in the technology wing. The admin password happen to be the same as the fortress password. Anybody remember Fortress? It would lock win98 down to most people, but there were ways around it and you could get the file for the password , decrypt it with a tool off astalavista, and bam, no more fortress. I remember going to my teacher with all the username and passwords and telling them they need to fix their security. He laughed his ass off and gave me a universal hall pass so I could head to the tech wing whenever I had free time. I miss high school, so much more free time and the only bill I had was $20/month for a cell phone.
  5. I think people will be up for at least 24 hours playing Cataclysm on launch.
  6. try -> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-381897.html They are discussing what I think you are asking for.
  7. When you need employment, the government should not be the exclusive employer. If you look at New York State here in the United States, you'll see they're the biggest employer in the state. (The second biggest industry in NYS is prisons...) However the state needs money to pay the employees, which they get through taxes. With lack of private business, the government is in essence taxing themselves, and without cash flow coming in from private business, they are slowly bleeding out. As far as your comments of open source for government. Its something that would take years to do to ween the current work force off their systems onto different systems. HOWEVER, considering that many governments, like NYS, have contracts with IBM, they generally are using IBM products like WebSphere Application Server, which means their applications are written in java, and are web-based, which means all you need is a browser to access them. HTML-5 will also help revolutionize our front-end programs.. I hope.
  8. If you're recruiting and doing this on a casual basis, you might as well open up to the community for input. Hell, have it Hak5 Community endorsed for exclusive beta testing, or whatever have you. Before you even think about code, you need all your concepts and game mechanics thought out before hand. I'm interested in seeing this before I volunteer into a project. No offense, but posts on making games pop up everywhere like rabbits mating, and the majority of them are hopes and dreams and nothing solid. Rather then join another Duke Nukem Forever project, I'd like to know more first. I myself really want to make a successful mmofps/rts.
  9. Infiltrator, I am, your father. */play http://instantsfun.es/drama *
  10. you're taking the damn test online, and probably in your own home where nobody is watching you like a proctor or teacher... so wtf is the problem with googling for the answer in another tab or holy shit, actually studying. Theres a quote I remember from growing up, its something like "You're in a system, weather you work hard by the system, or work hard to beat the system, you still have to work hard. There is no easy way out if you want to learn."
  11. You get your tools over time based on experience and necessity. Luckily today Google can find you almost anything, cause someone has probably already made a tool for what you want to do. However you'll find that you can create your own tools pretty quick and develop your skill-set and understanding of the subject a lot better.
  12. My latest problem is that the raid array just randomly doesn't get recognized by the controller, and I'm not sure if its the drives or not. I'm realizing I went way over board raiding 2 SSD's, and I think I'm just going to image the drive and go one SSD in the desktop and take the other SSD and put it in my netbook. Time to google relocating the user folder. and my comment about bells and whistles, I guess I'm just accustomed to the way/wording unix/linux does things. I do think Windows 7 is great. Its just when I was a kid I had plenty of time to play with everything, now after I get outa work I just want to ride my motorcycle and relax.
  13. Nevermind, I found several websites that discuss making symlinks in windows and moving the files. Going to try this -> http://blog.highlyillogical.org/2009/09/ho...e-on-windows-7/ I'll report back on if it works or not.
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