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so i feel like taking on this project. question is...

its says "The jammer should be built on a small piece of double-sided FR-4 PC board with liberal use of ground vias."

so how do i get or make that part? i would like to follow the examples like in the photos so i know what im doing. i have some experience with soldering and what not, but zero experience with PC boards.

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Start small dude, you are pushing it if you have no clue about PC boards. Grab a copy of Eagle Cad and play with some components first. If you enjoy programming pickup a microcontroller like a PIC, or Arduino, and mess around with those and their compnents. when you build something cool you wanna keep, use Eagle Cad to make the PCB circuit with the uPC on it, send the plans off to some company that makes the PCB's or make it yourself using guides from http://www.hackaday.com and then solder the components on and play with your new creation.

If you want a jammer, buy one from China. They are cheap(really power hogs) and work.

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One thing to make sure is check your laws (FCC if in USA). Pretty sure cellphone/wifi jammers in ANY country are illegal.

Yes in most Countries they are Illegal but I don't think anyone read my post before ahaha.


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