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Extra Andriod Phone What Would You Do


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Long time forum lurker her.

Any way long story short I dropped my HTC Incredible and the screen spiderwebed. The touch still works but I get glass in my fingure tips. Well my job say I need to have a phone on me so I went Verison and purchased a new Incredible outright. After words did some searching, I have ordered a replacement screen and a few tools to fix the broken phone.

So the backup phone doesn't have any cell service but with wifi, blue tooth, gps, and another incredible for teathering I think the phone has plenty of potental other than a 500 dollar xbmc remote.

Both phones are rooted, s-off, running SkyRaider 3.0 R2 Vanilla.

The only thing is I need to keep it available to cell service just in case I have another misshap.

One of the thoughts would be a ODB2 logger for my car.

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are you kidding, you could make a couple of docks one for you house one for your car and control your environment from your handy dandy $500 touchscreen mini computer along with some wifi sync so it could even replace your car stereo... or at least your need/want for normal am/fm tuners... its also a portable hard-drive replacement (if you get a good sized micro SD card) for any files you ever need to transfer.... having this device and not using it as a phone is pretty much your life in your pocket and should you break your phone its a life line... now i want a droid X just to do the same thing with a huge screen lol

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