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I am an experienced PC user and run BackTrack 4 as a USB Persistent device on my laptop. However, I am considering getting a new laptop and was looking at Mac Pro's.

I know I can run windows on those, but since I don't know that much about Mac's I was wondering if they will dual-boot (or run off a USB) BackTrack 4 and other versions of Linux such as Ubuntu?


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Like they said above, you should be able to plugin a different USB dongle wireless adapter and use that for monitor mode/packet injection. Just make sure you find one with the right chipset that has drivers written for it.

I don't have a Mac, but my HP laptop's builtin wireless card doesn't have a monitor mode/packet injection driver, so I use a USB-plugin D-Link Wireless G WUA-1340 for that. Kismet, aircrack-ng, and all the rest work just fine with it.

Here's a (slightly dated but) good list of cards and whether BT has drivers available for them or not and should help you in shopping for one: http://backtrack.offensive-security.com/in...hp/HCL:Wireless

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