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How To Install Backtracktools On Ubuntu Help!


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I reinstall backtrack4R1 to Ubuntu 10.04 becouse of my new wireless card. I describe my problem with install this card on Backtrack but nothing help so i give up...

I'm looking for in4http://micksmix.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/install-backtrack-4-tools-in-ubuntu/.0struction how to install backtrack tools for my

When I type in console

sudo bash

1. Add the Backtrack repository:

echo deb http://repo.offensive-security.com/dist/bt4 binary/ >> /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Import the Backtrack PGP key and update your sources (and set a proxy server to use if you need it):

export http_proxy="http://myproxyserver.com:8080"

wget http://repo.offensive-security.com/dist/bt...nary/public-key && sudo apt-key add public-key && sudo aptitude update

http://repo.offensive-security.com/dist/bt...nary/public-key - not connect this server ;/

What is happening ?

I used this instruction http://micksmix.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/i...ools-in-ubuntu/

help my

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Installing from the Backtrack repos onto Ubuntu is not supported by the BT devs. You'd break ubuntu more then likely.

QFT! BackTrack is not uBuntu, and uBuntu is not backtrack. Backtrack has its own repositories for a reason. They customize everything, including their kernel.

If you want the tools in uBuntu, get them from the ORIGINAL authors sites and install each one manually, or find a driver that works for your card with BackTrack R1. Personally, I would stick with BackTrack and just 1, find better drivers, or 2, get a supported wifi card/usb adapter.

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