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Ssh Tunneling On Ipod Touch


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Hi I edited this to be more exact

So Im school we have unprotekted WLAN. and its blocking all ports but 80 and 443. Anyway I would like to use iPod Touchs inuilt mail app and gmail account. Gmail Uses port 993 for imap.

So I would like to tunnel gmails imap traffic using port 443 or 80 to my home ubuntu 10.04 To be able to send mails is not that important.

School is not allowing even VPN connections.

My iPod touch is jailbroken, so I can use ssh etc. programs.

I know that I can tunnel http traffic by doing "ssh -D 8080 user@ip" and then going to settings and set it to use localhost and port 8080 for proxy. Every program uses it, but mail.

So this is not exactly iPhone/iPod touch related question, cause I think that ill use mainly ssh and some other commandline programs.

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Did you change the SSH default ports to one of the school's opened ports (80, 443).

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