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New Laptop


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Virtual boxes... Okay RAM. Light gaming, okay probably looking at ATI because they are cheaper in notebook land for what they give, but then "video and sound editing" means CPU, which right now is best with Intel. i5 and up.

Right so you want a good notebook, no price indicated so go and buy the best gaming notebook you see. Possibly Alienware though I like Asus G73.

Okay some more info, no matter what the youtube videos show, intel GMA doesn't cut it if you really want to play some games.

Intel CPUs at that level do seem to give better results, would you really notice them?

ATI cards give better game results, but are not starting to come with AMD and not many Intel options at lower levels. You don't mention screen size, battery life or budget.

You know when you go on a forum, and they have all these rules for sections and you think "I just want to post a bloody question, what's the deal?"

Well, these are not easy to answer, someone could come along and post one solution and it works for you.

But on the hole, shit, this is like me asking "I want a car, what should I buy?".

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AlienWare Laptops are my favorite, but I am about to buy this beast from Asus.

And I would definitely recommend this one for you.


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