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Another Vmware Question


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Good day guys.

Let me start by saying i am new here been folowing hak5 for 2 months.

As well as watching some older archived hak5's

Ok so i am a Director of IT for an large internation photography agency here in hollywood.

My question is about VMware.

I Currently work off my Unibody Macbook pro (current version)

I have been doing alot of virtual mashines and am woundering if any one has tried keeping this on an external drive. And what the out come was.

I am considering moving all my VM's to an external drive thinking either a 7200rpm or an SSD.

What do you guys think about this.

Also if i do end up going this route do you think i could plug this drive into another apple mashine lets say my home office MacPro dual QC.

Any feed back on this would be great would ike to hear if anyone has tride this and what kind of results they have gotten.

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From what little research I just did, firewire 800 has a peak transfer rate of 780 Mbps, while the SSD drive can transfer at 5200 Mbps. So the firewire would be a huge bottle neck for this. That is assuming my math is right, and the original info I got from some random sites are also correct.

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Thanks guys.

Yha thats what i was thinking an over kill.

You guys are awsome with the fast responces.


I guess its better to just go 7200rpm with the firewire 800 rather then over kill SSD..

Still afraid VM's will be slow.

Think i am going to try and test it on a drive laying around before buying a new one.

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USB 3.0 has been out.

Huh, guess your right, I just haven't seen anything about it in the past few years, so I thought it was still off a few years. I don't think I've looked into since I built my last computer...which might mean I'll need a new one soon =P

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Is their esata on the macbook pro? USB 3.0 would be nice, but I have yet to see anything shipped with it. I don't see why esata isn't more widely adopted as its faster than firewire and usb and is pretty much plug and play like usb. Especially when you can now get external raids with esata. Thats probably my next big investment is an external esata raid setup since my workstation now has esata built in.

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