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Inporting The Pineapple :)

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hey hak5'ers... people... lol

just a question, do you know if it would be legal to import the pineapple into australia?

i've asked customs a few times about things but they send me some weird stuff that would take a lawyer to understand XD lol.

just wonder, i want one but i don't want to pay AUD$120 to get not the pineapple... but a customs letter XD.

anyone can help me :)?

thanks guys and girls :D

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I didn't bother with customs, and just ordered one off ebay.

I can't see anything illegal with it, you can import routers from other brands just fine.

You'll need to watch out for the power cable though, you need to solder the connector to an Australian power pack with the right voltage/current. Or buy a US->AU converter (that also converts voltage) for about AU$50.

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im no expert an i dont live there, but i dont think it should be a problem. customs wont even know what it is.

although...in the US when getting something from overseas there is a plastic bag attached to the outside of the package. inside that is a paper that explains what is in the package so customs can read it. i ordered illegal alcohol from overseas before and the company just listed that it was collectors glassware on the package and wrote that it costed like $5. when in reality i paid a few hundred. so maybe you can request hak5 list that its a regular open mesh router and that its $30.

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I've shipped plenty of Wifi Pineapples to Australia with no problem. They do go through customs, but we chop down the price so you dont pay a huge ton when it gets there.

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