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Arduino Coding Advice?


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Hey, I am thinking of using my Picoduino for a project of mine, which involves channel mixing. I have a 2.4GHz radio for R/C cars, which uses PWM as it's output. since it is technically a digital output, is there any way to input it into the arduino and then map it to 0-255? What I hope to do is a kind of exponential relationship between channel 1 and 2, like the higher the value is on channel 1, the smaller the mapping is for channel 2.

The math won't be hard to figure out, I just need some help as to how I can do this...

Link to Picoduino if anybody is unfamiliar

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I am no expert, i have some arduino experiance but this is just a theory.

however i assume the analog port would read the effective value of the pulse width modulation, just like your average pot, ldr or phototransistor. the reason for this is that the analog reads the flow of current, not resistance

wether or not the value would fluctuate like crazy i can not say, but this might not be an issue depending on what you intend to do with it. but it is 500Hz so i doubt you would notice anyting other than the effective value

in any case i would make a post on the arduino forum

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