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Smoothwall Vs....


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After watching the latest episode on how to build a router and Smoothwall I gave it a try and although Smoothwall appeared to work well it failed on my list of minimum wants. I was not able to (or could not figure out) how to allow/block a port for each static IP address assigned. I want to allow some IP's access to http/pop3 etc and not others using 2 NIC's.

Does anyone have any ideas as to alternatives to try so that I can build my own router with at the least functions found on a Netgear FVS338?

I would love to setup this project and did like the options of live network status and the ability to monitor IM's etc...

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How to: Smoothwall ACLs using Squid.http://martybugs.net/smoothwall/squid.cgi

And that was just a quick google. I understand that it wasn't just there, and I am not really yapping as we are always here to help as a community, but next time, just try to google for it first.

And also if you don't know about ACLs, it stands for Access Control List. These are very versatile and allow (or disallow) many different protocols in many different configurations as you make them. I would research a wiki on it found HERE. However this is a kind of advanced concept, and on THAT note, if you need any help just hit us up.

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