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Newegg Openbox

Mr. Stuky

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I don't live in the States, hence can't buy anything from them, but my understanding is that they are probably the most mainstream PC component online store in the states, might be best to check out their warranty, and return to store policies.

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They are generally good but you get a shorter warranty on them. if you get a good board then you saved money, but if you get a board that breaks after 90 days then you are screwed.

PS also these items are just generally tested to see if they have a bios post, they are not tested for stability, so you may end up with a system that will randomly reboot every few minutes for no reason. (generally you will see this the first day of use though, it is just a expensive hassle as the money you save with open box may be spent on shipping for a RMA and also you being with out a computer longer).

So it is a risk in which if you can save money but if you are unlucky enough, you may end up spending more on the open box unit then the new unit.

I have worked on systems in which a user bought a openbox motherboard and had a problem in which every few minutes to a few hours, the system will suddenly reboot as if the reset button was pushed, it turned out to be the motherboard and the user has to RMA it (paying for shipping)

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Hey Guys. Quick Question, Do you guys shop at Newegg? If so, Do you trust open Box mobos? Im thinking of buying one. I can save alot of cash on an open box mobo. Has anyone have had bad experience? THanks.

i would check out there return policy on them. then after buying it i wouldn't wait round installing it. make sure it works good if not return it.

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