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Sbs 2008 Standard Question


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I'm running a server w/ Windows SBS (small business server) 2008 standard on it. I'm getting the typical "grace period is about to end in so many days" reminder/popup. So, of course, i'ts asking me to supply TS Licenses.

The Retail copy of SBS came w/ the typical 5 user CALs. The server hosts a healthcare program & sql server, yes both due to financial reasons. Anyway, there are 2 people who RDP DIRECTLY into the server b/c of other misc reasons, and 2 other users who are on the domain & utilize the shares for the program on their workstiations. Here's my questions. Yes, as of right now, only 2 max *active* RDP connections are allowed. If i were to let this TS/RDS period run out, would Windows really shutdown the entire RD protocol functionality? I mean, the server doesn't fully utilize anywhere near what 2008 has to offer, in terms of remote abilities.

The only remote feature that gets used is people actually RDing into it & running program straight off the server.

I cannot seem to get a straight flipping answer from anyone. I've talked to 3 MS reps, and they just say "to my knowledge services will halt". I straight up ask them for a yes or no if I cannot RD directly into the server once this grace period runs up, and I get that answer pretty much every time. Does anyone here, which i know won't BS me :P, know for sure what will happen when time period is over.


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From what I understand, up to 2 administrators (concurrently) will always be allowed to RDP in.

But would buying more licenses increase the number of concurrent RDP connections or not really possible. Or a different alternative like Citrix has to be considered.

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From Microsoft....

Windows Small Business Server 2008 (Windows SBS) Premium includes software to run on a second server. By enabling the Terminal Services role on the second server, users can access a terminal server from within a Windows SBS 2008 network or from the Internet. Terminal Services in a Windows SBS 2008 network provides the following benefits:

You can't install the TS Server Role on your SBS. So in order to install Terminal Server the Role must be on a second server. You would install TS Licensing on the SBS Server in order to server out TS CALS. On this server you could support any number of users simultaneously that your hardware can handle. You will Activate the TS Licensing Service then add CALS. I would Suggest USER TS CAL, you must purchase 1 for each named user that will be logging in to the Terminal Server.

Remote Destop on your SBS Server can support 2 remote users, however it is important to note that a server without the TS Server Role is not a Terminal Server. TS Servers change Windows so that it is capable of running users separately on the box handling certain registry and some isolation between users. It is not recommended to RUN applications on a server using Remote Desktop.

Hope that helps..


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ya. 2 is all that is needed. i wish i could get someone that knows 100%. i'd hate to have the grace period run up & not be able to RD into the server

According to these articles you can extend the grace period, but to stop it from ever displaying again you would have to buy the licenses.




Hope this helps

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hrm. thanks guys..

ya i read somewhere about expanding the grace period, but for some odd reason i couldn't quite grasp what it was asking me to do. i'll take another look...

(btw, the server os is activated fine, it's just the ts/rds part that i'm trying to resolve/extend)

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