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Hello All,

I've had this problem from DAY ONE with virtual box. The copying/pasting functions don't work. Tried everything I can think of. Changed the clipboard options made sure that the intergration app was installed correctly. Anyone have any idea on how to get this working? I'd really appreicate it.

Host: win7, Guest: winxp


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Read this forum from virtualbox.org


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Had a lil time to play around & see what I can figure out. For starters I was able to view the clipboard with the clipboard viewer. The contents are getting to & from the clipboard host to guest just fine. The keyboard shortcuts Cntrl - V, X & T DON'T WORK. But if I use the mouse & right click the commands are all there. They aren't grayed out. Even cutting / copying /pasting from WITHIN the guest OS don't work either. I made sure that the addons were installed and working.


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