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[Version 1] Compiling With Gcc-avr (backtrack4)

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Hey everyone,

As many of you, i have been busily coding for the ducky.

Now, I have run into a problem: AVR for backtrack4 does not support the teensy 2.0 yet (it does support the 2.0++).

Now, I do have a 2.0++ too but I want to make use of the 2.0 on my version of backtrack.

Did anyone have the same problem? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,


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Yeah, the idea of updating came to mind to me too of course, tried it, even recompiled the toolchain.

As SWFu said, BT4 repos are way out of date, which is kind of sad but yeah...oh well.

I got it working now actually, i messed up my avr install, removed it, and reinstalled using apt-get.

suddenly it recognized the chip and yeah,

thanks for the suggestions though


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