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Scan Before Downloading?


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Scan it where? Because you cant scan it locally if you havent downloaded it. You can however, download it, then upload it to virus total(so long as its under their size limits) and get a better scan than one scanner alone.


Sadly, they dont allow scanning via download links, but you dont have to run the program before scanning, just upload it to them before doing anythign else with it. You can safe gaurd yourself a bit too, and download it as a .txt so if you did accidently double click it, it would only open in notepad and not run.

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I am wondering if you can scan a file or program before phyiscally putting and scaning it on your computer.


I run on windows 7 32 bit, in case you need to know.

I think I kind of know what you are asking, I use Avast 5 for protecting my PC against malware infections. The good think about Avast, is that it comes with a web shield, which basically blocks any infected file before it can get to my computer.

I several times clicked on links which was not suppose to, and it simply aborted the connection and informed me that the file I was trying to download contained some sort of trojan or malware.

So even if you are attempting to download a file, that you are not a 100% sure if its infected or not, avast will inform so and prevent it from fully downloading into your computer.

Hope this answers your question.

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