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Wood Usb Drive


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  • Thin Strips of Balsa or other soft wood (I used the sides of a clementine box)
  • USB Thumbdrive
  • Hot Glue or similar (Epoxy?)

  • Xacto Knife (or similar sharp tool)
  • Optional: Cheap Set of wood carving tools

Make sure you have two strips of wood that are equal in thickness and that when piled together the two are about the same thickness as the original casing.
Split apart the original plastic casing.
Tip: look for a seam and score along that seam
WARNING: Though the chips are tough you could seriously damage one with the knife if you aren't careful.
Carefully mark along where the major bumps are on the chip and duplicate each side on the respective strips of wood.
Slowly carve out those marked areas until they can successfully enclose the entire chip.
MAKE SURE to leave a few millimeters or more of space on the edges to fully enclose the chip.
Hot glue the pieces together. Note use the glue sparingly.
Optional: Burn/mark the wood with a sodering iron.
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Does it float?

I think it should.

Probably, but I don't know how well the Drive would function after that...

It might still work since the chip is insulated with hot glue ... but I'm not going to try it.

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Perhaps next time you craft something like that, you could make it out of rubber or some type of material that is water resistant. Just like those new Corsair Thumb Drives.

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