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  1. Its and Open dns project from what I gather it works similar to p2p but i've only browsed over it. http://oddns.ingnu.fr/fr/ http://torrentfreak.com/oddns-decentralized-and-open-dns-to-defeat-censorship-120407/
  2. O can ye recommend a better site then? :P
  3. fitpc2 I think we need a place to put "cool hardware" that we could possibly "exploit" to use for the "greater good"
  4. we should totally try that ^_^
  5. So I had this idea about a year or so ago and after seeing ep. 7x18 I started to build it XD so hear it is. My portable server (router\ gaming server?) ideas and such welcome trying out smoothwall and ebox
  6. http://www.stepmania.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23840 there are two sound cards my defalt is the sb adigy the second is onboard i had the second one working (i think i had modifed the config file and put down somthing.............................. hahahah just fixed it thank you SoundDrivers=alsa-sw
  7. sorry to bump this up just started to play with it and every thing seems to work up to the point of running python VBoxWebSrv.py i get this error Traceback (most recent call last): File "VBoxWebSrv.py", line 26, in <module> import cherrypy ImportError: No module named cherrypy any ideas?
  8. it still would be nice if they would add a flash drive option to backup to but like you said about the old hard ware
  9. sorry kind of snapped been trying for the better half of two days to fix this
  10. have yet to receive help on that and no its not for lack of trying
  11. ubuntu 10.04 stepmania 3.9 2 audio cards 1 is onboard 2nd is SB Audigy the sound works with the onboard (that jack is garbage) and I would like to know how to config stepmania.ini to choes the other card (I also dont know what to put in there) any help would be good
  12. found a better 4 port but is like 200 http://www.pcrush.com/product/Network-Adap...hernet-LAN-Card
  13. thank you :) edit : this is the Ethernet card ye need Darren http://www.electroon.com/home/en/shop/deta...terboard44.html
  14. So I a thought (o god the pain) XD any how could you attach another hdd to the smoothwall rig and get network storage out of it ? I mean you would probably have to modify something but has any one herd of this or seen an add on?
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