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im starting a long project in which i will be working with code for hours at a time. but ive lost all my old music files that i would play while working and while i've started building a playlist it will get old FAST as its only 7 songs long right now.

basically i need music. trance, house, techno, D&B. preferably free since im kinda broke right now and dont want to pirate a dozen single files. im going through acid planet and newgrounds as it is combing for good stuff but im wanting a playlist of at least 50 songs. so i dont get the loop over and over(even with shuffle it gets too predictable)

i work a lot better when i have some good electronica to drown it out. so far ive got a couple of songs by dragor(Acid planet), some daft punk, and a couple of newgrounds songs.

can anyone suggest a place i could download some good electronica to work to?

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May I suggest http://soma.fm and their streams, also Pandora and it's related artists. Both services can be tricked into saving songs if you need to. Also, last.fm has some reasonable stuff, like Pandora, related. There was even an segment in one of the episodes about Spotify, same deal.

I work best to 65daysofstatic, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and other mathrock and vocalless electronica. There's plenty of free and "free" music out there, but don't do drugs, stay in school and buy the album.

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