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Windows 7


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Is the USB-Hacksaw able to work in windows 7? I just finished watching the video on it (yes I know i'm kind of late in that respect), I also did a quick check on google and really didn't find any definite answers to that question.

So if anyone can verify that it does work on windows 7 please let me know.


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dont know dude but im going to make one soon

... you should just make it and test it :0)

there are other methods to install your apps/script if the hacksaw fails

... ill start watching the vid again now n if we both encounter any probs we could help one another out

the multipass is a much better place to start if you havnt got one already ... and do you have a u3 compatible usb ? u need one for the hack to work ... i have a mini photo frame im sure is u3 compatible

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look at irongeeks and hak5as soon to be HID projects that use HID instead of stupid autorun


think its under bob talks ... or on irongeeks page

at the end of the day most AV will pickup any non custom apps .. I just have a msf.exe metasploit payload that runs or opens a pdf :) http://www.rmccurdy.com/scripts/msf_shells/ file_autopwn or what ever its called for MSF

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