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Having Trouble Accessing Netbook Bios. Any Ideas?


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I am trying to put a new operating system on my new mini netbook 7" wifi.

Firstly I made my usb bootable, put the new os onto it to boot up and then discovered that my new netbook does not have access to bios. I have tried any combination possible but nothing.

Is there anything I can do about this?

I would really like a new OS.

Ps. the netbook just comes up with 'smart book loading os' when it is turned on.

The netbook that i purchased is here.

Pps. I was thinking that maybe if I unplugged the hard drive of my desktop and put only the sd in and booted the new os onto it then I could put it in the netbook and have it go from there however, the boot order would still be incorrect but I do have a crack for windows 7 that might be of use.



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Operating System: Windows CE 6.0

Well, here's your problem. Its not actually running Windows, or even windows embedded, its running Windows CE which is very different from Windows XP et al. Its designed to run on MIPS or ARM CPU's, which Windows XP et al won't support and never will. However, with some effort you will probably be able to get it running Debian linux, although how you would go about doing that I don't know.

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"Operating System: Windows CE 6.0"

If thats the case, 7 will never run on it for lack of hardware capabilities. Not much else will either. Possibly XP, Linux or Google Android are the only things that will be low enough spec wise to boot.

Brand new they look like they go for that price as well. If you want a netbook, you would have been better off with an Eee pc or similar and spend a little more.


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XP is x86, x86-64 and IA-64 only, this machine uses a VIA VT8500, which is an ARM926EJ-S chip. I did a bit of research and this thread on the Ubuntu forums would be a useful start: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1349626

You will either have to find a binary distro which supports this hardware, I suggest Debian is worth looking at here, or cross compile your own.

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I read a bit of the thread that VaKo linked to, and some of the specs from the ebay page. Generic 7" Netbook has me a bit shocked, sure it's cheap and portable, but it doesn't look like it would be that good for web browsing or even using something like an office program of some sort - 300Mhz ARM processor with 128MB of RAM and a 2GB "hard drive" seems so pathetically underpowered for the price.

I have problems with looking at the 10" screen on my EEE netbook, if I use it all day, but I cannot imagine a 7" screen running something as horrid as WinCE.


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Via makes chips compatible with XP on their mini-itx boards. Not sure what they are called or branded as, but its the instruction sets within a chip, not the name brand on them that allows them to run.

Looking closer at the specs, it does day ARM though, and I missed that.

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