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N00b Fon Questions


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I setup my fon probally 6 months ago and its has sat in a drawer since..

so a few forgotten and not easily found on the form questions.

To connecto the the jasager interface what is the ip or address?

and to use it threw my laptop would i just bridge my wifi/lan adapters and plug my lan port into the fons (lan or wan)

I just plugged it back in and i can see it spoofig my ap but i cant get into the interface to do anything with it..


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If you didnt change the ip address from its default it will be

To hook it up thru a laptop so that traffic coming in thru the fon is directed thru a laptop to the internet you must have Internet Connetion Sharing or ICS installed and running on your laptop there are posts on the forums as to how to do this

hope this helps

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I guess that my question fits here... my Jasager box works ok but for some reason I don't get anything to that webpages "log" or "connected clients" part. if I refresh that webpages jasager seems to be turned off and when I turn it on it will refresh that "connected clients" part but thats it.

Don't know what have happened to my little box... but it still works so that's just a little cosmetic thingy and nothing so important but if somebody knows how to fix that I would really happy hapy joy joy =)

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