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Ausu EEE PC or something else?


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I was poking around newegg today (bad idea, I know) and ran actually this little eee pc that boasted a 11 hr battery life. Sure it's a netbook, but it's fairly cheap.

I was debating on either getting it or waiting until I have more money and get something a bit beefier, but I doubt that'll happen for a while.

Any opinions of doing pen testing/warwalking and probably surfing the internet at work (since my work PC sucks major ass) and whatnot with an eee pc? It's either going to be one of those or an Acer Aspire One, not sure just yet.

No matter which one I get, I'm probably going to install XP, and dual/tri boot BT4/Ubuntu.

EEE PC: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834220679

Acer: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834115718


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I love netbooks as well as any portable device with wireless. I have 2 netbooks. One is a pretty much stock Asus 1005ha that I use a lot for my day job. The other is my hack toy. It's an Asus pc900 ha with 2 gb ram and a 32 gb ssd. running win7. I also use Chromium os and several linux distro's installed on SD cards. Makes for a flexible portable box.

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I still haven't got the wifi up and going on the EEE PC 1005ha. If anybody has any pointers, I have my ears open. I haven't exactly had time to try though.

What chipset does the wireless card use?

lspci should tell you.

Anyway: I was thinking about using it to play stuff like D2 (in a window) or maybe Arcanum. That and web surfing/watching hulu, working on resumes and other junk, and SSH/RDP ofc.

I would probably be better off with a full blown laptop.

EDIT: Check here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Mac...e%20PC%201005HA

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Older games you might be able to get away with, though I haven't tested it. Though I must say, even flash video is sometimes not as good as on a full blown PC/laptop. Maybe an extra gig of ram would help (I plan on this in the near future). That and I'm running windows 7 instead of the XP that came with it.

Thanks for the pointer on the wifi. After reading what I wrote, I wasn't very specific. Ubuntu wifi works, backtrack wifi doesn't. It has an Atheros AR9285 for Wireless.

I've found this website to try on the backtrack forums - http://bit.ly/9HGMnW

I'm going to try to get packet injection working on it because I'd like to do some penetration testing. I wouldn't call myself a linux master by any means though, but I'm working on it.

Hopefully I'm helpful with your netbook purchasing decision!

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I think it'll handle stuff like D2 and basic tasks like surfing and whatnot. Oh.. and it would fit in the bag I currently take to work (which can handle a 15.4" laptop)


EDIT: Just noticed the lack of optical drive. *headdesk*

Not like I would use one all the time, but it would be nice to watch dvds from time to time.

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Yeah. No DVD can be a bummer if you use one regularly. I thought I'd miss mine on my netbook, but I don't. I have an external drive that I can use when I need it. If I want to watch a movie, I'll rip a DVD over night and copy it over.

That's probably what I'd end up doing.. considering most of my movie collection is ripped and on my file server as it is.

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I have the Asus 1005ha as well. I can get 9 hours out of a charge with no problem.

I am running ubuntu on mine and it works well with the Alfa wireless card.

As for video playback though I find it is very choppy even youtube videos so I am not sure how it will handle DVD playback.

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That's good to know that the asus 1005 ha works with BT4. I picked up an Acer Aspire One last week sometime and was getting annoyed to no end since I couldn't get BT4 to run at anything higher then 800x600, and the fonts were all screwed up. Ended up returning it since the screen was too small for my tastes and Backtrack wouldn't run at the native res.

If and when I get a laptop, It'll probably be going with that Asus UL series one with switchable graphics.

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