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  1. Not sure if the bios in your 900HA is the same as my 1000H or not. On my 1000H I have Windows 7 on an internal 32gb SSD and various linux distro's on SD cards. I've never bothered to change anything in the bios. When I boot the netbook I tap the Escape key and get a boot option to boot from the internal drive or the SD card.
  2. Seeing a number of these No Name Google Android tablets around the web as well as Ebay. Has anyone used or played with one yet? Google Android Tablet
  3. Miiikeee

    Mame Console

    I'm setting out to build a Mame Gaming Arcade Console. The intent is to have it loaded with a bunch of old school arcade games. My son in law has access to some arcade gaming cabinets at a local vending company. I'd rather refurbish one of these cabinets vice building a cabinet from scratch. Carpentry is not exactly my cup of tea. I have a number of questions before jumping into this project. 1. Recommendations for a suitable computer. I've read that older hardware works better. The oldest thing I have laying around is a P4 2.8 Ghz box. Will it do it? If not, what would be better? 2. Recommendation for a monitor? The Consoles are cut out to house a 27' CRT monitor. If need be, a panel can be made to size it to another monitor, but the idea of a 27" is appealing. I have a 27" CRT TV with composite video input. Would a video card with composite video out do the trick with it? 3. Mame software. I know there are a number of emulators out there for various operating systems. I like the idea of running some flavor of linux, but if a package for windows would work better I could do it that way. It is my understanding that there are some linux distro's that are built around the Mame emulator Any recommendations on this? Ultimately I want it set up to where my young Grandchildren can hit a power button and it will boot into the Mame GUI where they can select the game they want. I'm sure someone on this forum has built a similar machine. I've been building computer projects for longer than I care to remember, but never anything like this. So it's going to be a good learning experience.
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    Phisher's are the scum of the earth. Pull yourself out of that cesspool you are in and get a life.
  5. I love netbooks as well as any portable device with wireless. I have 2 netbooks. One is a pretty much stock Asus 1005ha that I use a lot for my day job. The other is my hack toy. It's an Asus pc900 ha with 2 gb ram and a 32 gb ssd. running win7. I also use Chromium os and several linux distro's installed on SD cards. Makes for a flexible portable box.
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